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Mars Landing Mission

When you imagine the future, what do you see?

Do you have a vision you CAN’T wait to create?!

We do.

We see millions of people working and playing on the Moon, Mars, and orbiting Earth in futuristic space-stations.

Please visit our Vision of the Future page to learn more.

Adventures Of Tessa & Aliena

Tessa Aliena

Adventures of Tessa & Aliena is an epic story about two friends on a mission to save the galaxy.  

Tessa, the granddaughter of the first person born in space, is third-generation spaceling with an itch for adventure.

Aliena, a 200-year-old extraterrestrial from the Pleiadian star cluster, becomes fast friends with Tessa.

Together, Tessa and Aliena travel the galaxy on an adventure to inspire a love for space – and to save the galaxy! 

Please visit Adventures Of Tessa & Aliena to read more.

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Ch1. Tessa’s Birthday Gift

Ch1. Tessa’s Birthday Gift

The story begins with the narrator, Starman. He's seated in a cherry-red Tesla Skyster, the fastest car in the galaxy. Looking over his shoulder while gliding through...

Future Of Space Travel

Future Of Space Travel

Are you ready for a brand-new era in human space flight? Well, hop on board because it’s just begun! Below are just a few advances in the future of space travel that...

TerraCycle: Univeral Recycling Pioneer.

TerraCycle: Univeral Recycling Pioneer.

Getting Started with TerraCycle  Most of the world understands the importance of recycling, even though far too many people and companies are not yet on board. Enter...

SpaceX 18 Years Old & Not Kidding Around!

SpaceX 18 Years Old & Not Kidding Around!

We Have Liftoff! Those three words make up the most exciting and looked forward to declaration by SpaceX since the days of NASA space exploration. After more than nine...

#dearMoon: Recreational Space Travel.

#dearMoon: Recreational Space Travel.

How would you like to join SpaceX and a group of fun artists on a trip around the #dearMoon? Seriously, as a child and even an adult, who hasn’t daydreamed about...

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