Adventures Of Tessa & Aliena

In The Future

Located within our solar system, near Saturn, there lives a girl named Tessa. And Tessa is about to begin the adventure of a lifetime!


Adventures Of Tessa & Aliena is a story about friends on a mission to inspire a love for space and to save the Galaxy from the Grays.

Throughout the second half of the 21st century, humanity really perfected the art of space travel, the use of clean energy, and recycling.

Now, in the 22nd century, millions of people live in space, aliens do exist, and the real adventures have just begun!

Story Map

First Adventure:

  • Chapter 4 – coming soon
  • Chapter 5 – coming soon
  • Chapter 6 – coming soon

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Character Descriptions



  • Funny
  • Empathetic/Intuitive
  • Driver/Commander/Leader
  • Coordinated and Athletic
  • Organized/Planner
  • Loves exploring and loves Earth.

Tessa is super smart and a little sassy because of her sense of humor.  Everything can be a joke for Tessa. She is also deeply emotional and intuitive. She thinks a lot and has lots of good ideas. Which is a good thing because she’s in the process of saving the Galaxy.  Tessa relies on Maye and Aliena to stay grounded on crazy missions. Tessa loves to look at the big picture and dream of worlds beyond the horizon.

Aliena StarGirl


  • 200-year-old extraterrestrial
  • Loves Earth and humanity
  • Telepathic
  • Shapeshifter
  • Delivers birthday gifts for inspiration.

Originally from the 7 Sisters, the Pleiadian, a little star cluster in the Taurus constellation, it’s Aliena’s job to deliver gifts to help inspire a love for Space. Kinda like Santa, or the Tooth Fairy, but rather a magical being that provides gifts from the universe. Aliens people have been secretly working to help humanity for thousands of years. Against the Grays, who wish to control humanity and stop Aliena from spreading inspiration and love.


  • Strong/Confident
  • Unassuming/Clever
  • Navigator
  • Calm, Cool, Collected
  • Ninja/Gymnast/Athletic

Maye’s Mom, a quantum physicist, and dad’s father, a professional ballet dancer raised Maye to smart and athletic. Maye can do backflips and handstands while thinking about solutions to problems.  In other words, Maye is a secret and humble boss who you can always rely on for any mission. She’s also very sarcastic which is why Tessa and Maye are best friends. Maye also has a lot of family connections and resources throughout the solar system. 


  • Tessa’s little sassy sister
  • Supportive and Energetic
  • Fun/Silly/Sneaky
  • Loyal
  • Smart

Nikki is Tessa’s little sister and she wants to be a smart leader just like her sister. Sometimes however she can be a little childish and can cause trouble for the team. Which is okay because she often saves mission with her sneaky smarts. Nikki enjoys pranks so you have to keep an eye on her – if you can. Regardless of the mission or adventure, if Tessa, Maye, and Aliena are going, Nikki’s going to find a way to tag along – whether they know it or not.


Character description coming soon!

Want to help write and create storylines for this epic adventure?


Please visit our Join The Team page to learn more.


Character description coming soon!

Want to help write and create storylines for this epic adventure?


Please visit our Join The Team page to learn more.

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