Vision Of The Future

Mars Landing Mission

By The Year 2100

There will be millions of people working and playing on the Moon, on Mars, and in outer space. 

We are at the beginning of an epic adventure!

Now with companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin leading the way, it’s only a matter of time before we reach the unlimited potential of Space.

Space is Beautiful. Not to mention it’s full of unlimited resources!

Below is our vision of the future.

spaceX bob doug

New Era In Human Space Flight!

May 30, 2020, SpaceX.com became the 1st private company to send humans (Bob and Doug) to the International Space Station – safely and economically.

This is the beginning of a new era in human spaceflight, and this is only the beginning!

Moon mission

Moon – 2025

It’s time to revisit the Moon, 21st Century Style!

Which company will get there first?  We are betting on SpaceX, but we shall see!

*Gravity is only 0.16G on the Moon. Meaning, if you weight 100 lbs on earth, you will only weight 16 lbs on the Moon!

How much do you weigh on the Moon? (Your weight x 0.16 = weight on Moon). 

Mars Landing Mission

Mars – 2030

We Choose To Go To Mars!

By 2030, we will have the knowledge and technology to tap into the huge potential Mars has to offer.

What will it be like?

Mars gravity is only 0.38G, so working there will be really easy!

How much do you weigh on Mars?
(your weight x 0.38 = weight on Mars).

space station

Earthship – 2040

Centrifugal Force Space Station

Population Capacity 1,000

2040 will be the time when multiple countries and organizations will team up to build a Centrifugal Force Space Station that creates artificial gravity in space.

With multiple levels of gravity, and self-sustainability, this is the first step towards becoming a true spacefaring civilization.


Earthship – 2060

Population Capacity 50,000.

We’ll see the opening of the first vacation, hotel and resort, and amusement park space station, equipped with multiple levels of artificial gravity for the full space experience.

We’ll also see the opening of the first space station dedicated to retirement and assisted living for longterm stay, with light artificial gravity.

Space Population Milestones

By 2060

Population In Space

By 2075

Population In Space

By 2100

Population In Space

Average Population In Space As Of 2020

The Beginning: Oct 31, 2000 – Population In Space, 3.

When we discuss the space population timeline, we start on Halloween in 2000. On this day, there were three humans launched into space who lived on the International Space Station. We are excited to see how the space population grows in the next 20 to 30 years.

Vision Summary

By the year 2100 (it even sounds cool to say it!) We envision millions of people living active lives in space. We hope that after reading our vision, you have one thought:

“What are we waiting for? We can do it faster than that!” 

And we agree with you! We believe that with all of the rapidly growing innovation and technology that this could be just a conservative estimate for these reasonable milestones.

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